Sometimes you just need a pair of fresh eyes.

As part of my author services, I offer manuscript assessments and developmental editing (also known as substantive editing or content editing). 

With a publishing industry background in both editing and marketing, I offer honest, professional, independent and detailed feedback on your work, with an eye to what will work in the market. My comments include suggestions and support on matters of structure, style, characterisation, plot and logic.

I provide feedback on both fiction and non-fiction writing:

  • novels (including literary, historical, realist, scifi, fantasy, satire, crime, thriller, adventure, comedy, romance)
  • short stories
  • essays
  • non-fiction (including history, sociology, culture, politics, gender and women's issues, international development, travel, science, psychology, health, personal development and wellbeing, biography and memoir)
  • academic writing (including scholarly books, theses and dissertations)
  • textbooks.

Manuscript assessment

... is a single review of your work, delivered as a report.

This includes detailed commentary on strengths and areas that could be improved, as well as suggestions for review, and guidelines for how to approach any further structure and self-editing.

I can also provide industry advice on publication: what you need to provide to a publisher or agent, and how to deal with the industry to give your book its best shot at success.



  • You're not sure if your writing is ready to be sent to a publisher or agent
  • You want to decide whether it's worth self-publishing
  • You're stuck or experiencing writer's block with your current manuscript
  • You have questions about how to deal with the publishing industry.

Developmental editing

... is a process where we work together over a period of time to improve and strengthen your manuscript for publication.

This might be one just round of comments and suggestions; or, if you prefer, I can follow up with more passes of the manuscript that include your changes, and we can work together right through the process of copyediting and proofreading.



  • Your manuscript is complete, but you're not sure it's 'finished'
  • You're still in the process of writing, but you want some early-stage help with direction, pacing, or characterisation
  • You have specific ideas or issues that you want to workshop with an editor
  • You want to interrogate and polish your writing before sending it to a publisher or agent
  • Your publisher or agent has suggested you work with a substantive editor before re-submitting
  • You are planning to self-publish and want to make sure your writing is up to professional industry standards.

My approach

My passion is to help authors build elegant, coherent narratives: writing that expresses your ideas beautifully and doesn’t let them go to waste.

Developmental editing is all about getting the best out of your writing, from the foundations up: I want to work with you to create books with sturdy bones, powerful muscle, and a poetic, beautiful exterior. I am respectful of your voice and style, and look at this process as a collaboration to coax out your creativity and deliver the best possible book.


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