Fast, affordable and reliable copyediting and proofreading.

Serving businesses, corporations, organisations, non-profits, NGOs, authors, publishers, academics and students, these services will ensure that your written work is in top-quality condition before it goes to print or live online.


... is for documents or manuscripts that are 'complete' but need to be checked for grammar, punctuation, spelling and other potential errors.

It is also an opportunity to identify repetition or lapses in logic, improve clumsy phrasing, remove jargon and make sure a document uses the right 'tone' for your target audience. Copyediting is the process of polishing a piece of writing so that it's ready for publication.



  • Businesses, organisations or brands with brochures, articles, reports, brand copy, packaging, website text or other writing that have been created but could be better fit for purpose, need to be clearer or better structured, or could be more engaging for your target audience
  • Self-publishing authors who have a completed manuscript, and need a light edit to ensure the writing is of high quality at the line level
  • Publishers of books, magazines or web content who need writing to be more cohesive, coherent, well-written and accurate.


... is the final check that a document goes through, after it has been copyedited and designed. A 'proofread' is almost always conducted on a 'proof' document (usually a pdf): it's the eagle-eye process of spotting any last errors before a proof goes to print. 



  • Businesses, organisations or brands that have produced publications, reports or web content in-house and want it checked by another pair of eyes before publication
  • Self-publishing authors who have typeset a book or ebook and want it checked before publication
  • Publishers of books, magazines or web content who need a final check before going to print/going live.

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